$10,000 Fall Classic - Completed

100 sports bettors will compete from September 6th-16th to win a share of $10,000.
UPDATE: Check out the future SportX World Tour events below!

100 Person Limit

The Fall Classic is limited to the first 100 users who apply and meet the qualifications.

Accepted users will compete to generate the most profit on the SportX exchange.

Pick favourites, underdogs, spread, money line, totals. Wherever you have an edge over the competition.

Profit is King

Users will be ranked in terms of profit/loss, with standings being published daily. Any bet that pays out during the competition will count towards the user's rank!

Check out the full rules here

$10,000 Prize Pool

🏆 1st - $3,000
🥈 2nd - $1,500
🥉 3rd - $1,000
4th - $750
5th - $500
6th to 25th - $3,250

A prize pool of $10,000 DAI will be split between the top 25 users at the end of the contest.


Only 100 spots are available, apply here to lock down a spot ahead of the tournament.

Thank you

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